Frequently Asked Questions


Do you make appointments?
Yes, call 403-251-3377 to schedule. We offer a 2 hour window for your appointment.

Can you give me a quote?
Yes, we provide free quotes. Please call 403-251-3377.

How can I pay?
For residential clients, payment is due at time of pick up by cash or cheque. Bin clients will be invoiced as per the Terms and Conditions of the Bin Contract.

Are you insured?
Yes. We carry general liability insurance and also have WCB coverage.

Will you take paint?
Unfortunately paint is considered a hazardous waste and must be dealt with accordingly. Please read our list of prohibited items.

How big is your truck?
Our one ton trucks have a box on them that measures 12’ long, 7’ wide and 4’ high. This measures as 336 cubic feet or 12 cubic yards.

What is a cubic yard?
3’ x 3’ x 3’ = 27 cubic ft. Use this number to divide your cubic feet to get cubic yards.

What does it cost?
Prices vary from our minimum charge of only $63 plus G.S.T. Please view our price list or call 403-251-3377 with any questions you may have.

Your prices are WAY LOWER, how do you do that?
We are extremely competitive with our pricing because we know people dislike paying to get rid of garbage and junk. We have been serving Calgary for over 30 years and as a result our equipment costs have been spread out over time. Some of our equipment is new and some is old, but it is all reliable and in good working order. You are not paying for huge advertising budgets and franchise fees when you use us.

Which service do I need?
Our one ton service works well for those people who do not have room on their property for a bin, or are ready to have material hauled away in one visit. The one ton service also works well for smaller loads. Even if we come twice for two half loads, it is the same cost as if we came once for a full load.

Bins work best for construction projects or when you want to take the time to sort your material to be disposed as you pack or clean an area of your home.

Do you recycle?
We make every effort to recycle the products that are eligible. Our biggest obstacle is a mixed load because all items being taken for recycling need to be pre-sorted. This is why some items must be handled in certain ways to facilitate recycling.

View this document provided by the City of Calgary and interested parties in regard to recycling.

We are anxiously awaiting the sorting of debris at landfills for recycling to become effective.